Hello, I'm

Manny Hernandez

Cozumel • Dallas • Tucson


Manny was born and raised in southern Arizona but now calls Dallas Fort Worth home. Although his professional pedigree shows 25 years of mortgage credit, he has always been a consummate foodie and is passionate about experiencing all different types of cuisine. An avid world traveler, Manny has run with the bulls in Pamplona, been SCUBA diving with hammerhead sharks at Cocos Island, explored Morocco’s culture and cuisines, floated through central and eastern Europe along the Danube, journeyed through India to visit the Taj Mahal, and experienced the the wonders of the Mayan culture including a visit to Chichen Itza.

When Manny is not working on searching for new flavors to add to the Casa M Spice product line, you can more than likely find him blowing bubbles while SCUBA diving in front of their home in Cozumel.
Facts About Me

  • Originally from Arizona and now call home Dallas, TX

  • NAUI SCUBA instructor

  • Twenty four years experience in mortgage credit

  • Approved to give CE classes in four states in real restate

  • Avid traveler

  • Youngest of eleven children

  • Dual citizen of USA and Mexico

  • Devoted husband to Dr. Mike Hernandez


@mrmikemgm and I loved the chile 🌶 roaster we got in Arizona from @arizonachileroasters we had to get one for Texas. Got back to the States just in time to get the LAST batch of Hatch Chile 🌶 sent to the house from the final harvest of the season. And @dietzbruce we harvested all the chile from the garden. Thank you! House smells great!

@mrmikemgm and ...

Greetings from @mrmikemgm and myself from downtown Bucharest, Romania

Greetings from ...

Stunning view from the deck this morning as we cross into Bulgaria.

Stunning view f...

@mrmikemgm and I finally met this amazing woman in Belgrade, Serbia. Deniza designed all of our marketing material for @casamspice She won a 99 Designs contest last year with the logo she submitted. We did not know she lived in Serbia at the time. Thank you for all you have done, Deniza!

@mrmikemgm and ...

Beautiful views from the palace in Budapest. @mrmikemgm

Beautiful views...

Bad weather did not prevent @mrmikemgm and myself from having a great time in Budapest. Amazing city

Bad weather did...

Bad weather did not prevent @mrmikemgm and myself from having a great time in #budapest What an amazing city.

Bad weather did...

Sightseeing in Vienna, Austria 🇦🇹 today with @mrmikemgm Beautiful city !

Sightseeing in ...

Mozart and Strauss concert at the @kursalonwien in Vienna, Austria with @mrmikemgm . Mike is forcing me to become cultured. Dammit. I need a drink. 😂

Mozart and Stra...

Having a GREAT time in Salzburg with @mrmikemgm Beautiful city! Churches, museums, Mozart and of course The Sound of Music

Having a GREAT ...

Making amazing friends @kiss.pati Great trip.

Making amazing ...

Quick lap around the gardens around the Imperial Castle with @mrmikemgm

Quick lap aroun...